Bright Light Guide

Are LED Lights Safe?

Many led lights give off high levels of blue-light and it can be harmful. We explore how to balance energy efficiency with the health and security of your home.

LED vs Halogen vs Incandescent Bulbs

LED, halogen and incandescent bulbs are all common types of light bulbs. Find out which one is right for you, and what you should know about each.

Do LED Lights Get Hot?

LEDs are a popular choice for many reasons. They often outlive other light bulbs, save energy, and can save you money, too. But are they safe and do they get hot?

How to Light a Room with no Overhead Lighting

Read our tips on how to light a room with overhead lighting. Use a combination of mirrors, wall sconces, accent lamps, and table lamps to add light to dark corners and achieve your design vision.

LED Rope Light Ideas – 7 Ideas for Around the Home

LED rope light ideas include for different rooms in the house, with tags for LED strip lights, stair lighting, or for adding a little touch of love to your wedding. We also included a variety of colors of ropes, which you can use in the room based on the color preference you have.