LED Rope Light Ideas – 7 Ideas for Around the Home

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Motion Sensor Lights for Under Your Bed

Motion sensor lights are an easy way to add additional safety to a room without spending a lot of money. They are also very cost effective because electricity rates vary but rarely go lower than 12 cents per kilowatt/hour.

Motion sensor lights can reduce the strain on the electricity by illuminating only when necessary. It can take a little more time to install these lights so it’s best to be prepared with all of the tools and equipment before you start.

Motion sensor lights are best installed along stairs, outlets and very dim areas around the home. They are also great for illuminating the stairs to your basement, tool shed, or other secluded area.

It’s also a good idea to install a motion sensor light in your own bedroom. Accidental trips to the bathroom can be dangerous if you are trying to navigate in the dark.

You can also put motion sensor lights on touch plates for your doors and walk-in closets. It’s a great way to illuminate your hallway or closet without having to worry about forgetting to turn the light on and wasting money at the same time.

Neon Art But Subtler

LED rope lights have found their way into homes, offices, workshops, and other places that need to be lit.

And what better way to add a pop of color to your space than with one of these neon-like lights?

One big difference between LED rope lights and neon signs is that the light from the end of the wires is much brighter and more colorful, as opposed to the light in neon signs.

The best part? They’re really easy to install.

Here are some ideas for places you might want to add LED rope lights to.

Glamorous Vanity Mirror

Ever look at your makeup application mirror and just wish it looked more like a Hollywood mirror? Well, now it can.

Take a piece of LED strip and wrap it around it. Then attach it to the wall.

Indoor Lanterns Without the Fire Hazard

As soon as fall rolls around, we begin to look for ways to bring the.

Outdoors in. One of my favorite decorating tricks is one I discovered quite by accident years ago. When I set up a few patio lanterns on a table indoors, they looked so good that I decided to leave them there year-round! Now, I make it a point to bring in a few lanterns as the leaves change color, regardless of whether they’re going to be used outdoors.

To hang these, I needed something that was easy to install, so I chose to use a simple hook-and-loop system, available at hardware stores. Most patio lanterns will come with a pre-installed hook-and-loop fastener already in place. Since the fastener material is soft, you have to be careful that the hook material doesn’t stick to it.

To solve this problem, I secure the end of the loop material to the lamp with a double-sided adhesive, and then I just peel the loop material off the backing and apply it to the base of the lamp. Now it’s secure, and there are no exposed sticky adhesive strips that can stick to the lantern’s body.

Waterproof Garden Path Lighting

Aqua Glow LED rope lights are a good choice for garden path lighting. These are usually sold with a cable and connector system as a kit. Just add the bright white LED module in your choice of color and connect it to the cable.

Your choice of color will largely depend on the color scheme of your garden. Try and match colors if you can.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need a waterproof outdoor rated light. We aren’t talking about an application where the light will be submersed in water. An organic garden will not need anything more than a water-resistant cable.

LED Rope Lights vs LED Strip Lights

If you are looking for creative ideas to light up your home, LED rope lights could be just what you’re looking for. Inside or outside of your house, this innovative lighting option complements and enhances any environment. Unlike traditional rope or string lights, LED rope light is flexible and has a long lifespan.

Above all, LED rope lights are so versatile you can turn them into a number of beautiful designs. Since they’re available in a variety of sizes and colors, you can easily create the perfect mood or accent lighting for just about any space.

When compared to LED strip lights, rope lights have some distinct advantages. Because LED rope lights are flexible, they’re more convenient to install. You can also bend them into some very interesting shapes, making them truly customize.

LED rope lights are also waterproof which makes them an excellent choice for outdoor lighting.