How to Reset a Motion Sensor Light

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Why Is My Motion Sensor Light Always On?

Let’s talk for a minute about motion activated outdoor spotlights.

If you are thinking about getting one, there are a few questions you might want to ask yourself first.

Are you running short on time to take care of your outdoor lights?

Is it just too much work to remember to turn your outdoor lights on when you come home?

Is it dark when you get home and do you really want to climb a ladder and flip the switch?

During summer, do you usually stay up late and go out way after dark?

If you answered yes to any of these, the motion activated spotlights may well be for you.

And that’s exactly the kind of person who is constantly finding the motion sensor light on. Always on!

They never seem to stay off and you can’t figure out how to reset the motion sensor so that the light stays off more often.

You would think that it would be simple. Did you know that there are a lot of options if your motion sensor light won’t turn off?

Let’s start by pointing out the obvious. Most motion sensor lights are on a very low sensitivity. Sometimes even just a slight breeze can set it off.

How To Reset a Motion Sensor Light

Motion sensor security lights are wonderful to enjoy the outdoors with your family, allowing you to host a BBQ or just light up the back yard without having to worry about turning the lights on manually.

A lot of people that use a motion sensor light will run into times when the light turns on by itself, seemingly at random. Sometimes, the sensor can be triggered by a breeze passing through leaves or even rain.

This can be frustrating if you’re not at home to enjoy it. But often the light will turn off after a short period of time. If it doesn’t, there is an easy home remedy you can perform to reset it.

For this process, you’ll need to have access to the light’s control panel. On many lights, you’ll find the control panel on the light’s housing. In some situations, you may need to remove the light from it’s location to access the control panel underneath.