How To Fix Flickering LED Headlights

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Why Are My LED Headlights Flickering?

Most people don’t realize it, but LED headlights on cars flicker. It looks a lot cooler than the old style of just having the headlights on or off. But, that’s not all that the flickering is for. There’s more to the story.

Some people may say that the flickering is a result of manufacturing variations and is unavoidable. However, there are several things you can do to minimize the flickering and make it stop completely.

LEDs are semiconductors. You’ve definitely seen semiconductors before because they are used in all kinds of electronic equipment! LEDs are diodes that convert electric current to light.

In the headlight housing, drivers are used. They take certain steps to control the LED and keep it working the way it’s supposed to. Flickering is most likely caused by circuit timing and noise from the vehicles power supply, wiring and electrical components.

Other things can affect how your LED headlights flicker. Car temperature is one of them. Cooler temperatures can lead to dimmer LED brightness and flickering.

Over time, headlights will dim. And to bring them back to maximum power, we use special bulbs called aftermarket upgrades. There are two main types of aftermarket upgrades: brighter bulbs and HID (high-intensity discharge) lights.

How To Stop LED Headlights from Flickering

Like any other kind of lamps, LED headlights flicker when the voltage is low. They also stop working if the right power adapter is not used. This part will show you how to deal with that issue.

LED headlights are more sensitive to voltage than standard halogen bulbs. They may turn off even if you are just charging your car battery or taking other measures to prepare for your ride.

This is most likely to happen after a long period of non-use. But it can also happen as a consequence of riding the bike down a steep, curvy road.

LED flicker can happen when the voltage drops suddenly, or it can start after a while. The first case is much easier to resolve. In some instances, your only option may be to use another power source or a booster charger.

If your light is flashing intermittently with the engine running, the problem may be due to an alternator on a way out or you may need to check for loose connections.

When your LED flickers while you are driving, the problem is most likely due to car battery voltage fluctuation. The vibration of the engine coming to life may cause a change in voltage.

It could be a small change if you have a well-known problem with your battery. But it can also be a larger change if a new or unknown problem is hampering your vehicle’s performance.


LED headlights, especially the kind of LED headlights that are used on headlights and tail lights have an annoying habit of flickering. It can be extrememly irritating and distracting to the rider, and can be dangerous if they cause confusion to other riders.

The good news is that this can be fixed.