How Much Do LED Lights Save Per Year?

Heather Clouse
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The Difference in Purchasing Price

LED Lights are more expensive, as they are fairly new, but there are some advantages that make them worth the higher purchase cost.

So How Much Do LED Lights Save Per Year?

Well, it depends. The total annual savings depend on the type of bulb you replace, how much that old bulb used to cost you to operate, how much less the LED uses, and how many hours the LED is turned on.

While other light sources may be cheaper upfront, they’re actually more expensive over time because of their high number of on-off cycles.

The biggest factor in how much LED lights save per year, however, is how much electricity they consume.

Compared to an incandescent bulb, most LED lights use way less energy, anywhere from 50% to 86% less to be exact.

While LED lights are still expensive, they’re becoming increasingly efficient every year. This means that your initial investment will be eventually forgotten and quickly payed off.

How? Because the LED life spans longer, its operating lifetimes is longer. After all, it’s the total weekly cost that will determine your LED financial success.