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Best Halloway Lighting Ideas For Your Home

The hallways are considered more like transitional spaces between the rooms of a house and have no fixed purpose other than connecting one room to another.

However, the hallways are actually a very important part of your home and should be given some special attention. They are a unique area in your home where you can easily add a little extra spark and treat your interior design a bit differently from the other less important parts of the house.

When you look at hallways, they may seem as dull as they are full of functional items like a coat rack, mail station, umbrella holder, and the like.

And you might not think there is a single thing you can change about your hallways to make them look more special.

But if you ask someone who has a well-decorated hallway, you might be surprised about the many choices you can make.

Not only can you select a new wall color or door color, but you can also add little additional things that can unleash the “wow” factor of your hallways.

One important thing when it comes to hallway decoration ideas is picking the ideal lighting for your hallways.

Why You Need Good Lighting in Your Hallway?

There are a few reasons why you want to use good lighting in your hallway.

You want your hallway to feel as open and inviting as possible, and some beautiful and strategically placed lighting can make all the difference to the sense of space. The style of lighting you choose will also help to determine the overall feeling of the space.

Hallways are generally narrow. The minimal available floor space necessitates a certain kind of light to make it look wider. You can’t simply place a lamp here. When you need to light your hallway but keep walkways clear, mounted lighting is your only option to widen up the feel of the hallway.

To avoid the feeling of being claustrophobic, your hallway needs to be thoroughly and brightly lit. Otherwise, it risks feeling too confined.

Different Hallway Lighting Ideas:

The best lighting for a hallway is bright enough to see your way to the main lights switch but soft enough not to hurt your eyes.
Here are a few ideas for hallway lighting:

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights can transform your hallway like none other. It can make a statement in your hallway. Find one that catches your eye and hang at a perfect height to brighten up a very forgettable space. Pendant lighting is best for hallways with high ceilings. Otherwise, a low-hanging fixture could induce that sense of claustrophobia you’re trying so hard to avoid.

Wall Sconces

If you don't have a high ceiling in your hallway, rigging something to your ceiling to light your hallway isn't a good idea. Sconces can help you provide ample lighting. It will only require you to pull out a step stool to change the bulb. But keep in mind sconces are best for wider hallways since the sconces will protrude from the walls, encroaching on the space of your hallway walkers.

Can Lighting

Can lighting is an easy and effective way to light your hallways. Since the fixtures themselves will probably go largely unnoticed, this lighting style works with virtually any home style.

Track Lighting

If you want to add an architectural feel and give yourself highly customizable lighting, track lighting delivers. This style is ideal for industrial and contemporary spaces.

One of the best things about them is that they are flexible. You can move them wherever you want to.

Incandescent Lamps

As natural and warm as they get, they also come in different colors, pink, green, and yellow.

As they produce a lot of heat, try to place them higher up in the ceiling.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps offer a lot of flexibility. They can be used in various places, including hallways, but only in wide hallways.

Like the skylights, they are bright enough but not harsh on the eyes.

Mix & Match Your Hallway Lighting

Who says you can’t have it all? You can mix and match these lighting types to find the ideal way to light your hallway.

You may not always be the best at decorating the halls, but this idea just makes sense to anyone.

Tips on Placing Your Hallway Lights the Right Way

When you are decorating your hallway, it is important to have proper lighting. This may spice up the appearance of your residence but should also be practical.

The main idea with hallway lighting is to make it functional and attractive. If there were only one or two lights in the hallway, it would end up being quite dark, and walking around there would be a difficult task.

The best way to arrange different lights is to use various fixtures that have different functions.

A decorative fixture is good for providing added flair. However, You should not place it close to the door where it can cause problems. An average door is about 32″ wide. This means there will be lots of space left even if you use a decorative fixture in addition to a good hallway light.

On the other hand, You should place your hallway light at the height of about 6.5 feet. This way, it will provide ample lighting so that you can enter and exit your home easily and safely.

If you’re choosing sconces, place them high on the wall to draw the eye up and make the space feel open. Otherwise, you risk that whole medieval, torch-on-the-wall-of-a-castle vibe.

Stand at both ends of the hall and check for dark spots. Make sure the light stays consistent and doesn’t dip in brightness between light fixtures. Brighten shadowed parts of the hallway as needed to keep the space feeling open and inviting.

If you want to add fun to your hallway, you can make the walls textured by using fabric, paint, or wallpaper paper. Many people also go as far as to put up murals and pictures.

You can complete the look by using the proper decorations. You can also make the hallways a bit more spacious by putting up a shelf.


That’s it! You are now ready to light your hallway like a real champion with all these tips and tricks. And, sure, your guests may never notice what a great job you did. But they will also never feel like they are traversing through a cavern when they’re walking down your hallway.