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If you are looking for LED Night Lights for your baby room then you’ve come to the right place.

Modern LED night lights are super handy when it comes to your baby’s safety. They are very versatile and can be used in so many ways.

Say you are traveling and staying in a hotel, you can place a night light in the baby’s room.

Or say you wake up in the middle of the night and need to check on baby to make sure she is breathing, a night light would work perfectly for that.

Papercut Light boxesBest Overall
Papercut Light boxes
Meridian Electric 10911 5 lm LED AutoBudget Pick
Meridian Electric 10911 5 lm LED Auto
2 Pack Rechargeable 16-Color Toilet Night LightUpgrade Pick
2 Pack Rechargeable 16-Color Toilet Night Light

1. Papercut Light boxes

Our rating: 9 / 10

Papercut Light boxes

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  • 1-year warranty
  • Good customer service

Cheap, cute, and bright. That’s my summary of this light. The PaperCut unicorn night light is adorable with its modern design and soft colored lights. It features 5 different colored lights that you can choose from.

The package comes with the lamp itself, a USB cord that plugs into the wall (no need for batteries) and a translucent casing to put around it.

The lamp is 8 inches tall, the casing is 10 inches. It’s a great size for table tops and dressers. I also like the fact that this can be used as a night light for adults.

2. Sycees Plug-in LED Night Light

Our rating: 9 / 10

Sycees Plug-in LED Night Light

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  • You simply plug it into any outlet
  • No batteries are required
  • Not as bright as a regular light bulb
  • Far more accurate and responsive than regular light bulbs
  • Great for avoiding the scary shadows that you see when using a regular light bulb
  • No hassle, no clutter, no need for a switch

The sensor can be a little sensitive. There are a few reports of it coming on in the middle of the day. There is an adjustment screw that can help, but it can be tricky to align the sensor correctly.

The Sycees night light is a great option for parents that want a night light for their children. It’s more than just a bulb that’s plugged into the wall. It’s more responsive, accurate, and capable than a regular night light. Just hang it in a central location, plug it in, and the light will come on when it reaches the desired brightness, thanks to the dusk-to-dawn sensor.

3. 4 Pack Night Light Lamp

Our rating: 9 / 10

4 Pack Night Light Lamp

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  • Infrared motion detector in the eye to detect movements in the dark
  • Light up automatically as soon as the room is dark
  • 26 inches long power cord with a 3-prong electrical plug
  • 10-year warranty
  • Cool color temperature: 4500K
  • Available in 7 colors: blue, green, yellow, red, pink, purple and white
  • Works in all regions
  • The lamp is cheap


  • Need to take care of the power cord completely
  • Quite sensitive to night light
  • The opening inside of the eye is too small
  • The sensor is too sensitive and can’t be ignored by users

Automatic for Kids, Reading, Bedroom, Bathroom (4 Pack).

The 4 Pack LED Night Light Lamp with Dusk to Dawn Sensor is an automatic night light that turns on when the room is dark and turns off when the room is bright during night time. And there is one LED Night Light Lamp for every 2 square feet in the room, so it can cover a large area with warm, soothing light.

Operating mode:


4. 2 Pack Rechargeable 16-Color Toilet Night Light

Our rating: 8 / 10

2 Pack Rechargeable 16-Color Toilet Night Light

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  • Motion sensor will detect when someone walks by
  • Over 80% UV-free and dimmable
  • 16 color settings for high-tech fun
  • Really bright LED lights that will please everyone
  • Great for children, adults, and anyone else who might enjoy one of these
  • Will last a year or more
  • Solar powered with internal battery
  • Easy battery replacement


  • Not waterproof
  • The lights look pretty close but aren’t the same
  • Some of the colors are really bright and may hurt the eyes if you stare at them too long

It may be a bathroom night light that is suitable for adults and elder people (like my mother).

If you are into bright colours and love to have something different, this is the right lamp for you.

This light is really good for older people who need to do their business at night.

5. 2 Pack Led Night Light w/Dusk to Dawn Sensor,AUSAYE 0.6W Plug-in Night Light Lamp

Our rating: 8 / 10

2 Pack Led Night Light w/Dusk to Dawn Sensor,AUSAYE 0.6W Plug-in Night Light Lamp

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  • Creative Design
  • Plug-In
  • Energy Saving


  • Slightly Higher Price Tag
  • No On/Off Switch

It is always difficult to find the “right” night light for your kids. It needs to be bright enough to help in getting them out of bed and not be so bright it scares them or keeps them up. It needs to have a dim enough setting for when your kids eventually go back to sleep. The AUSAYE dawn to dusk sensor plug-in LED night light has built-in sensors that can do just that.

These sensors detect how much light is in their room and adjust the brightness of the light accordingly. The light gradually brightens and then fades back to off in the morning. It even turns back the nightlight to on if it detects darkness.

The mushroom design is fun and not a common feature of a night light. It also has a flexible goosneck that makes putting it in the perfect spot in your child’s room very easy. The light will automatically shut off after a few seconds of no movement. This ensures the batteries don’t run down and limits the heat being emitted by the LED lights.

6. Meridian Electric 10911 5 lm LED Auto

Our rating: 8 / 10

Meridian Electric 10911 5 lm LED Auto

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  • Automatically come on when it gets dark, and off when it’s light
  • Have a wide angle of light
  • Use very little energy
  • Easy to install
  • Long lasting
  • Blend in buit look like a regular bulb


  • They’re expensive
  • The light isn’t very bright

LED nightlights are a great for anyone who has little ones, particularly ones that are interested in the lights. These LED nightlights are the best overall due to their many features and style.

They will automatically turn on when the lights go out, and turn off when it’s light. They use very litte energy and can even run for up to a year, depending on how often they’re used.

You simply push the button to turn them on, and it’s a very simple process from there on out. You don’t need to change the bulb or anything.

7. AUSAYE LED Night Light Plug in Lamp Mushroom Night Light 7-Color Changing Magic Mini Pretty Mushroom-Shaped Night Lights

Our rating: 8 / 10

AUSAYE LED Night Light Plug in Lamp Mushroom Night Light 7-Color Changing Magic Mini Pretty Mushroom-Shaped Night Lights

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  • budget friendy
  • 7 different color options to suit your mood or decor
  • Small and lightweight
  • Dimmable

The Auseay LED night light is one of the best night lights for kids and adults.This stylish night light is perfect for your bedroom, kitchen, and office.

The Auseay Bedroom Night Light is a plug-in type which can be installed easily. And it boasts a fresh, stylish design that will easily blend into your bedroom decor.

After turning it on, you’ll be able to switch through 7 different LEDs including blue, yellow, red, purple, green, aqua, and white. It also features an on/off switch to easily turn it off when you’re ready for bed.

8. GE Silver LED Night Light

Our rating: 7 / 10

GE Silver LED Night Light

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  • Adjustable, 360 degree motion sensor activated
  • Can be installed or carried with you during travel
  • Lasts 30 times longer than incandescent night lights and 50 times longer than CFL lamps
  • Soft white light (3000K)
  • Can be used for emergencies

The GE LE Silver Night Light is fantastic if you need clean, soft light for a long period of time while keeping your energy costs low. It’s ideal for closets, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and nurseries.

What’s more, it’s motion activated, so it won’t waste energy when it’s not needed.

9. Goodnight Owl Rechargeable Night Light

Our rating: 6 / 10

Goodnight Owl Rechargeable Night Light

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  • Over 120 5-star reviews
  • Soft silicone, cute owl design
  • Battery longevity
  • Sturdy suction cup with remote
  • Light and portable
  • Creates a soft ambient light during rest time
  • Recharge makes it convenient
  • 9 levels of brightness
  • Best night light for its price
  • Very easy to use


  • Some people say it is not strong enough
  • Some parents have reported that it could be too bright
  • It sometimes does not suction well to the surface
  • Yet, it covers the entire room

As the owl lamp should do in order to be the best night light for kids, this product has a comfortable light which emits a good soft light for the child to be in bed in. At the same time, you do not want the kid to be using their tablet or watching TV all night.

The soft color of the light creates the right environment for sleep, especially for children before an exam or bad dream.

The rechargeable battery is also a feature to note, and if it is not charged timely, you don’t need to open it up to replace the batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best night lights?

If you have kids who fall asleep with the nightlight on, aside from being a necessity, night lights are actually a really nice accessory to your baby’s room. They add a soft glow to a dim room that’s relaxing and comforting for both you and your baby. Plus, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices.

There are a few simple things to consider when deciding on a nightlight. First, you need to make sure it’s safe to use in your child’s room. You don’t want to add anything to the room that will interfere with your baby’s sleep. So keep light and sound levels low, and choose a night light that does not have an on/off button that can be easily turned on by tiny hands.

What is the best night light color?

There are pros and cons to each color of nightlight, so this is highly subjective. But if you’re looking for the best overall nightlight color for kids, we like the warm glow of the red nightlights because they don't overstimulate young children.

How many lumens should a night light be?

Not every night light is created equal, and the amount of brightness is something you have to worry about. You want something that’s bright enough to light up a room or hallway to let you safely navigate without being so bright that it disturbs your sleep.

At about 1,000 lux of illumination, this puts it on the higher end of the brightness scale, but not enough that you could call the light harsh. The soft white light can be easily dimmed down to see in dimly lit rooms and illuminate the darker areas of your room. The LED lighting is safe for children and able to provide two years of continuous illumination without the need for replacement batteries.

Are LED Night Lights Safe?

LEDs are recognized as safe and they offer many advantages relative to other types of night lights, including the fact that they last much longer before burning out and they consume very little energy. Now, if you are worried about the light from an LED night light being harmful, you can relax because there is no evidence to support this.


Drop red discs and clear discs are the LED nightlights embedded in the discs, so you don't need to worry that your little one will make them fall off. Most night lights don't feature the calming ambient light that emits from these discs, which can really help kids calm down and go to sleep.

Our Recommendation

Papercut Light boxesBest Overall
Papercut Light boxes
Meridian Electric 10911 5 lm LED AutoBudget Pick
Meridian Electric 10911 5 lm LED Auto
2 Pack Rechargeable 16-Color Toilet Night LightUpgrade Pick
2 Pack Rechargeable 16-Color Toilet Night Light