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If you want to spoil your family and friends with a beautiful Christmas and holiday display then don’t hesitate to update your lights with light sets that are both well made and energy efficient.

Personally, we’re big fans of LED Christmas lights.

They use less electricity and last for a longer period of time without fading.

But what are the best light sets?

There are many great LED light sets out there that are well-made, energy efficient, and cost-effective. So, we’ve made a list of the best LED Christmas light sets on the market.

LED String LightsBest OverallLED String Lights
Globe String LightsBudget PickGlobe String Lights
Kurt Adler Twinkly LED Starter Kit 105-Light Wifi-Enabled Light SetUpgrade PickKurt Adler Twinkly LED Starter Kit 105-Light Wifi-Enabled Light Set

1. LED String Lights

Our rating: 9 / 10

LED String Lights

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  • Certified safe when used indoors or out
  • Waterproof
  • Touch control
  • Timer function
  • Long lasting battery
  • 50,000 hours of nonstop use
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t need an outlet
  • Portable


  • Currently only available in 1.5M length
  • No UL approval
  • No outdoor use
  • Battery only lasts for 6 hours

For Xmas, Parties, Weddings, Bars, Restaurants, Patio Decor, Touch Control.

The myCozyLite LED string lights are a fantastic addition to any home. These lights can be safely used indoors or outdoors. They are waterproof, thanks to the durable construction, and feature a timer so you can set the lights to automatically turn on or off.

These economical lights are so bright they can light up an entire room. Best of all they're energy efficient. They’re run on 6 AA batteries instead of a cord. This means you don’t have to worry about tripping over a cord.

2. Novelty Lights 100 Light LED Christmas Mini Light Set

Our rating: 8 / 10

Novelty Lights 100 Light LED Christmas Mini Light Set

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  • Affordable
  • The perfect size
  • Stays very cool at all the light strands

These small lights are fantastic. I’ve searched for the perfect mini lights and these are pretty close. They’re a tiny bit bigger than I usually go for, but the retro feel outweighs any concerns about size.

You can connect up to five strands together for multiple choices of length. I’ve used them for dining tables, mantels, and landscaping. They’re easy to wrap around my overhead gazebo and come with a hook if I need to hang them.

The tiny bulbs are nice and bright and show up well. They stay cool so you won’t have to worry about them melting stuff, or if your kids touch them and get burned. The end connectors are also very convenient.

3. TORCHSTAR 9.8FT × 9.8FT Window Curtain Light

Our rating: 8 / 10

TORCHSTAR 9.8FT × 9.8FT Window Curtain Light

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If it’s the season for outdoor Christmas lights then the TORCHSTAR LED Christmas lights are for you. These impressive LED lights can be extended from 9.8 feet to over 30 feet and can be used for up to 100,000 hours.

The double sided sticky tapes mean there are no wires to run. The stickiness of the tape means they can even be attached to textured surfaces like brick.

The LED bulbs are bright and far more energy efficient than their conventional string light counterparts. With 8 different modes to choose from, you can set them to flash or just keep them on all night.

4. String Lights

Our rating: 8 / 10

String Lights

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  • 100 LED lights
  • Long string
  • Manual [Timer]
  • 8 modes
  • Low voltage, standard adapter
  • Warm white


  • May not be warm enough for [Holiday Lighting] use
  • Inconsistent warm white glow
  • Hub is not great

The lights are very bright and give of a good warm white glow. The remote control is not always consistent, which can be frustrating. What isn’t frustrating is that the lights are long, which allows for one to use them for multiple purposes. As for the warm white itself, there is no description or explanation of what that is. The box –leads” you to believe that they are warm white but they are not the traditional warm white, but a brighter, whiter glow.

Overall, they are good lights but there are cons to them. I’m not sure that I’d suggest these if someone wanted to use them for Holiday lighting.

5. Minetom Fairy Lights

Our rating: 8 / 10

Minetom Fairy Lights

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  • Ideal for festivals
  • Specify to use as Christmas window lights or to light up branches
  • Well-built
  • Waterproof


  • Pricier than most LED lights
  • String shorter than most
  • Control dial can be finicky
  • Not its only use

The Minetom Fairy Lights is a good buy as it is a string of 10-inch long lights that is placed vertically, making it ideal to be used in windows.

The different modes of the LED fairy lights allow you to choose one that is suitable for the event you want to use them for.

The maximum duration of the lights is 20 hours, but make sure to turn them off when not in use to conserve the battery life. To ensure the battery life lasts for as long as it can, it’s best to choose a mode that has the lights off for long periods of time.

6. LOUIS CHOICE Globe LED String Lights

Our rating: 8 / 10

LOUIS CHOICE Globe LED String Lights

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For Christmas Holiday Party Wedding Centerpiece (49ft).

Lights that shine all night. You no longer have to worry about tiresome installations of lights.

Now, there is a new product that has gone viral on Amazon recently. A few of my family members have got interested in lighted Christmas decorations, I got my Louis Choice Lights and I am excited to help you make the decision. And Yes, you should buy it, here comes why:

Extendable/Dimmable using remote controlLight is bright, but not obnoxiousMotion-detecting software makes sure it turns on when you're in the room!Stylish White and Silver Aluminum frame Power-saving LED bulbs means more bulbs and less battery lifeReliable remote control provides coverage to a 100 foot radiusThe LED Lights "ON" and "OFF" switch is on the supply cord. This allows you to turn off the lights without having to go to the remote.

7. Ollny Led Net Lights 200 LED 9.8ft x 6.6ft mesh Lights

Our rating: 8 / 10

Ollny Led Net Lights 200 LED 9.8ft x 6.6ft mesh Lights

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  • Set of 400 led lights lights up 600 sq.Ft
  • Easy to install and remove by using connector cables
  • Control the lights via a remote control
  • Make your home look fantastic at night


  • As the lights are not connected directly to a plug they can’t have the same amount of power as traditional strands
  • Occassionally the controller can be faulty

These lights are ideal for setting up quickly and have the option to turn them on and off with a remote controller, making them excellent for outdoor decorations, parties and weddings.

What’s more, when you turn them on for the evening you’ll have the option to choose from six different lighting modes, from slow flashing to constant on.

The 9.8 foot long strands use 260 LEDs that are powered by electricity for a beautiful vibrant glow that will make your home look incredible at night.

8. Fairy Firework String Lights Wire Lights,120 LED DIY 8 Modes Dimmable Lights

Our rating: 7 / 10

Fairy Firework String Lights Wire Lights,120 LED DIY 8 Modes Dimmable Lights

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  • Thin and flexible, the Micro-construction makes it easy to wrap around objects
  • Even though it’s super thin and flexible, it stays tight and bright no matter what position you put it in
  • Cool modes: wave, twinkle, flash, strobe, fade, smooth, sound active, and steady on
  • Easy to take down, just pop them off the tacky backing and you’re done
  • Waterproof
  • Cost effective replacement guarantee: if one Light Set stops working, contact the seller for a replacement


  • Quite expensive
  • Tight turns can cause the lights to pop off the backing
  • Quality control issues: returns due to poor lighting output, irregular and dim light patterns, and lights falling off the backing and never lighting up
  • Not as many lighting modes as some other sets on the market

Parties-20 Feet.

These lights are unbelievable, especially when you consider that they’re so thin! It’s almost like you have fairy lights on your walls and ceilings! All you have to do is peel the protective backing off the tape and stick wherever you like.

9. Globe String Lights

Our rating: 6 / 10

Globe String Lights

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  • Waterproof
  • Warm white provides a softer lighting effect and is more flattering for outdoor use
  • High-quality solar panel
  • Long LED light strand
  • Many color options
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • The remote has a very short range
  • The on/off button design is less than ideal

Have you used these lights before?

Did you love them?

Did you hate them?

10. Kurt Adler Twinkly LED Starter Kit 105-Light Wifi-Enabled Light Set

Our rating: 5 / 10

Kurt Adler Twinkly LED Starter Kit 105-Light Wifi-Enabled Light Set

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  • Wi-Fi enabled LED lights
  • Great for controlling from your smartphone or tablet
  • Comes with all the lights you need to make the full set up
  • Red, green and blue lights allows for more flexibility


  • Some issues with Wi-FI range
  • Some complaints about the reliability of the app

Looking to add a bit of magic to your next holiday party? LED lights are all the rage for the holidays, and you don’t need to be an expert to set up the Kurt Adler Twinkly LED lights.

The Kurt Adler lights can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet.

There’s no exposed wiring, and no messy cans of spray snow, and you don’t even need any tools to set this up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which led Christmas lights are best?

Having used many types of LED string lights in the past, we have come to greatly prefer the lower cost C9 LED lights sold by Costco. They seem to be the least likely to break and they have a pleasant brightness, putting out 10.5 watts for 54 continuous feet of lights total.

Another nice feature is that these lights are non-removable. While you can remove them easily enough, the string light includes a plastic cap that can be used to hold the extensions together while the lights are plugged in.

These lights from Amazon have only 50 lumens, which is the least you can buy, but the price is unbeatable. They also seem to be much better than many of the dollar-store lights (and much better than the AAA lights).

For those looking for the brightest LED Christmas lights, you really want to spend more for C7 or C9 bulbs with 30+ lumens.

What is the brightest LED Christmas lights?

This is a trickier question to answer than you might think because Christmas lights brightness isn’t always determined by wattage. There are a few more factors to consider.

The first is the bulb size. Compared to regular incandescent or CFL Christmas lights, LEDs use a different type of bulb. While the length is pretty standard, they often have a rounded base, which is sometimes referred to as a bubble shape. A larger bulb diffuses the light better and can be dimmed more effectively.

Second, the CRI or color rendering index is an important consideration. This refers to the amount of color the light emits and has far more to do with looks and usage than it does brightness.

What are the best quality Christmas lights?

The best Christmas lights are those that last…

Firstly, you want Christmas lights that will last. There is nothing worse than getting to the end of the holiday season and realizing that some of your lights have burned out and need replacing.

Secondly, you want lights that light reliably. It’s also possible for the quality of your lights to vary from string to string. You may have some bulbs that burn out over the years while others continue to shine.

Are LED Christmas lights better?

It’s important to note that LED lights are not better. They’re different. LED Christmas lights are better for the environment by consuming less energy and enduring longer, which means you don’t have to replace them as often.

LED Christmas lights also tend to be brighter than incandescent lights. They are a better choice if you want to light up a large area or if you have trouble seeing at night. However, a lot of people find incandescent lights more aesthetically-pleasing. These lights tend to be softer with a warmer glow that feels more like real flames. If you’re running a string from your roof to your tree, then you might have trouble finding LED lights. If that's the case, then stick with incandescent.


LED Christmas lights are a new, trendier choice. However, they tend to be more expensive than older and more traditional Christmas lights. So, even though they can save you money on electricity, they might actually cost more than some of your other options. Before you decide if you want to use LED lights this year, there are a few more things you need to know.

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LED String LightsBest OverallLED String Lights
Globe String LightsBudget PickGlobe String Lights
Kurt Adler Twinkly LED Starter Kit 105-Light Wifi-Enabled Light SetUpgrade PickKurt Adler Twinkly LED Starter Kit 105-Light Wifi-Enabled Light Set