Best Blue LED Christmas Lights

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If you have to have an LED Christmas light set…

This might be the one you need to have.

I like my Christmas lights to blink and flash, but I like to be able to control them. So, blue LED Christmas lights that you can control remotely are a mandatory requirement.

The fact that these lights are shorter than most makes them a good fit for many indoor Christmas tree set-ups. They can easily be strung along the top of your tree or around your TV or stereo.

If you’ve been looking for a good quality set of blue LED lights in this size, you’ll love these.

Twinkle Star 33FT 100LED Indoor String Lights BlueBest OverallTwinkle Star 33FT 100LED Indoor String Lights Blue
50 T5 Christmas Tree Lights MulticolorBudget Pick50 T5 Christmas Tree Lights Multicolor
LED Rope Lights OutdoorUpgrade PickLED Rope Lights Outdoor

1. Twinkle Star 33FT 100LED Indoor String Lights Blue

Our rating: 9 / 10

Twinkle Star 33FT 100LED Indoor String Lights Blue

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  • Waterproof
  • 100 Lights
  • 8 Modes
  • Length: 33”
  • Included power cord


  • A bit expensive
  • Connection wires are a bit short

Light up your home and patio with this fantastic set of 33 Feet long twinkle blue LED lights! If you are looking for a good selection of a great-looking, warm, and energy-efficient LED lights then you found it.

These lights are 33 Feet long which means that you will get plenty of lights to light up your home. The light will last for up to 100,000 hours and is run by 2 AA batteries (not included).

This has a lot of angel hair to it which gives it a very elegant look. I love it is waterproof which means you can even use it as a Christmas light wreath.

2. 50 T5 Christmas Tree Lights Multicolor

Our rating: 9 / 10

50 T5 Christmas Tree Lights Multicolor

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  • Has 4 different lighting settings: white, blue, white flashing, blue flashing
  • These lights are thin and fit perfectly on the tree branches
  • 25.5' string; you won't need to use extra extension cords
  • Battery-operated
  • Comes with 3 AA batteries


  • The batteries might come dead straight out of the box, so you'll have to change them before using these lights
  • Runs on 3 AA batteries, which have a short battery life
  • The only bad thing is that the cord itself can be long, but that makes it plug-in anywhere you want, so it doesn't really matter.

Xmas Holiday Decor,Garden Wedding Party Decor LED Mini Lights (25 FT).

These lights are very bright, but of course you can choose accordingly to how bright you want your house to look from the outside. I personally love how they look with white lights, but the colors are fun, too!

The blue lights are great because the light is more vibrant compared to other blue lights.

3. LED Rope Lights Outdoor

Our rating: 9 / 10

LED Rope Lights Outdoor

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  • Great value
  • Waterproof
  • 99% energy efficient
  • Fully controllable using any standard remote or timer
  • 25,000 hours lifespan
  • Each light has 3M adhesive tape on the back, giving you a strong, secure hold for each panel
  • Includes a standard 110V North American power cord
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction


  • Compared to LEDs, these lights are on the dimmer side
  • Sometimes the wire gets tangled or kinks

4. Blue Meteor Lights

Our rating: 8 / 10

Blue Meteor Lights

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  • Low Power Consumption
  • Very Lightweight
  • Can Be Strung Across Ceilings

Energy efficient lights are an important environmental choice, and some choose to use LED lights for this very reason. This rain light set can be placed anywhere for a burst of safety and color. A unique purple, green, red, and blue LED light pattern makes this set stand out and make a huge statement.

You can hang these lights on the walls, ceilings, or directly on tables. This is definitely a light that will surprise and impress your guests at your next party or event!

These Meteor Lights are considered one of the best LED lights to use during the holidays. Allow the Meteor Lights to inspire you for your next party or celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which led Christmas lights are best?

There are many types of Christmas lights that have a mix of LED and incandescent bulbs, but not all the LED lights are created equal. A few of the most popular are:

lights that are entirely LED, but are not very bright, (2) lights that are AE bulbs and have just a few LED lights, and (3) those that are entirely LED and have a 3-4x higher bulb count per strand than most others.

If you have ever had the Christmas lights from option (1), then you know that the value isn’t so great and that the lights may be pretty disappointing. If you have ever had option (1) or (2), then you know that one or two strands are great, but that if you need to cover large areas or have lots of lights, then it’s a pain to add in extra strands from different light sets.

Are LED Christmas lights better?

There’s a lot to like about LED lights. They use less energy, emit less heat, and last longer than the traditional incandescent lights. Great for the environment, not so great for light quality though. Anyone with an old disco ball can probably vouch for this.

The difference between incandescent and LED lights isn’t just in the matter of energy. Incandescent bulbs are more yellow and produce light that is much better for making colors apparent. LED lights are more blue because the process of creating white light (including red, green, and blue) with LED’s is more difficult. This makes colors more difficult to distinguish in low light situations.

What do blue lights mean at Christmas?

Blue Christmas lights generally symbolize colder weather, possibly snow, the winter season, and sometimes sadness. Blue Christmas lighting is also referred to as it’s "darker" cousin of the "Happy Christmas" red color.

Red in symbolism is of course "Happy Christmas" colors. The red symbolizes the blood of Christ.

How do you know which LED bulb is bad on Christmas lights?

These little light bulbs are cheap but frustrating when they burn out. If you have a string of lights that are all out intermittently it's frustrating to try to figure out which one is bad.

My solution is to test them one at a time. Take one from a seemingly working string and try it in an otherwise bad string (or vice versa). If it doesn't work, then put it back and assume the other is bad.

You need to take into account which side of your string is positive and which is negative to do this. The positive (or anode) side of the string is where the plug is connected to the string. It's always the shortest bulb on your string.

Testing the bulbs from the positive or negative side can save you a lot of time.


If you want to decorate with blue and white Christmas lights, you can find them to fit your needs: LED lights last longer and use less energy, so they can be a great option for any Christmas light decorator.

Whether you’re looking for blue and white Christmas lights for inside your home or perhaps want to display them around your lawn, there are a number of different types that should fit your needs.

If you want ones that are easy to use with no fuss, you might prefer the retrofit icicle lights that have already been converted to be used with the blue and white LED lights.

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Twinkle Star 33FT 100LED Indoor String Lights BlueBest OverallTwinkle Star 33FT 100LED Indoor String Lights Blue
50 T5 Christmas Tree Lights MulticolorBudget Pick50 T5 Christmas Tree Lights Multicolor
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